Novia Double Sided Lap Tape

Our polyester scrim reinforced, double sided sealing and bonding tape for use with all of our Novia breather membranes

Product Overview

Novia® Double Sided Lap Tape (DSLT) is a double sided sealing and bonding tape which bonds exceptionally well due to a special adhesive system. The tape has a polyester scrim carrier with an acrylic dispersion adhesive on a silicone coated brown release paper. Novia® DSLT is suitable for use in installation temperatures starting from -10 degrees celsius (with care). For best results a temperature of +5 degrees celsius is recommended. Novia® DSLT is suitable for overlaps and joints, on breather membranes within both roof and wall applications, to seal all membrane overlaps to protect against external environmental conditions and improve airtightness. 

Novia® DSLT can be used with Novia Breather Membranes as an edge and lap sealing tape. To fully complete a breather membrane seal and further reduce the air-leakage of the construction, this tape should be used in conjunction with Novia® Breather Membrane Lap Tape (BMLT).

When breather membranes are installed in accordance with BS 5534 wind uplift requirements, the use of a two-tape sealing system using Novia® DSLT in conjunction with Novia® BMLT will provide a high specification finish and improved airtightness. Please see individual product datasheet.

Novia® DSLT can be found on NBS Chorus and NBS Source software packages. They are available for specifying as additional products, and fall within a variety of relevant clauses.

Full installation and technical details can be found on the datasheets available for download below. 

Key Features

  • Roll size 50mm x 25m. Other sizes available upon request. MOQ and lead-times apply
  • For use in installations of breather membranes
  • Protect against external environmental conditions and improve airtightness
  • Polyester scrim reinforced
  • High adhesion on breather membranes
  • Use for high specification breather membrane installations
  • Novia DSLT can also be used for use in temporary protection applications.
  • Use in conjunction with Novia Breather Membrane Lap Tape (BMLT)

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