Construction Tapes and Sealants

Tapes and sealants for use during the construction

All membranes should be installed using tapes. Follow the advice below to find the correct tape for your construction

Novia tapes and sealants for membranes

Novia supplies a range of double-sided butyl, single-sided foil, single-sided non woven and double-sided adhesive tapes for use with our membrane range.

We also offer sealant in cartridge format for difficult to reach areas to help ensure an airtight seal can be formed across the membrane installation.

Vapour Control Layers

Novia Vapour Control Layers (VCL) products are sealed using one of our double-sided butyl tapes, generally using an overlap of 75mm to 100mm, but with certain products we do state that a larger overlap is required. A lap-seal is then applied on top using one of the metallised BOPP tape or standard aluminium foil tapes. The wider the tape used, then the stronger the seal will be, so choose a tape based on your own particular application and budget.

We also advise that in order to improve overall air tightness, butyl tape is pre-applied to any studs or timbers at the points where fixing is to be made. By preparing the fixing point in this way, when staples etc are applied to either the membrane itself or the final wall covering such as plasterboard, then the achieved seal will be far better.

For areas difficult to reach with tapes, or for an even stronger bond around the edges, Novia offer cartridge sealants. There are 2 forms: a cold weather standard version, Novia AirSeal 310, and a fire resistant version as well, Novia AirSeal 310 FR

Our full installation guidelines can be found on individual membrane product pages.

Breather membranes

Novia Breather Membranes should be installed with a minimum of the Breather Membrane Lap tape. This is a high adhesive tape made from non woven material, similar to the breather membranes. In some cases, the breather membrane lap tape is mandatory. Please see the individual breather membrane datasheet to ensure compatibility. 

Ideally lap-joints on breathable membranes should be sealed using our 50mm double-sided adhesive. Whilst not strictly necessary in order for these products to do the job required of them, by taping joints in this way air-leakage and general waterproofing are greatly improved. Using both tapes will improve the air tightness of the construction creating a stronger and more efficient final project.

Gas barriers and DPMs

Novia Gas Barriers are sealed with 50mm double-sided butyl tape, using an overlap of at least 150mm. A final top lap seal is then applied using the metallised BOPP tape or 100mm foil tape. Using both 50mm butyl tape and the metallised BOPP tape is vital when installing the Novia Methane Pro DPM - please see the full product datasheet for full information.

Temporary protection

Due to the nature of the application practically any type of tape may be suitable, but we would advise the use of our foil or double-sided butyl versions on the grounds of cost.

Shed and garden structure linings

This type of application is quite similar to a VCL in many ways, but the level of sealing required is not as great. We suggest either 50mm or 30mm double-sided butyl is used at the joints for higher-specifications, but our double-sided adhesive version will be fine for many general applications. There is no requirement for a lap-seal tape.

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