Novia BS 4016 - Type 2 Breather Paper for walls

Our CE Approved traditional wall blue breather paper

Product Overview

Novia BS 4016 - Type 2 Breather Paper is a traditional wall breather membrane, made to meet the requirements of BS 4016 Type 2.

This is a CE Approved product for use as a Breather Membrane to EN 13859-2 (Part 2 - Underlays for Walls) and is fully CPR compliant.

This product is a blue coloured paper breather membrane with water-repellent chemicals incorporated during the manufacturing stage. It is suitable for use in steel and timber frame cavity walls with masonry, weatherboarding, tile or slate cladding exteriors. 

This membrane meets the requirements of the type 2 part of the BS 4016 standard, and should therefore be fixed on site, immediately prior to cladding.

For a material with higher fire rating, please see our Novia FR Breather Membrane here.

Novia BS 4016 - Type 2 Breather Paper can be found on NBS Chorus and NBS Source software packages. Full information can be found for NBS specification with the table below. The links will open a pop up window with full specification information. 

Key Features

  • Breathable building paper
  • CE Approved to EN 13859-2
  • Meets the requirements of type 2 BS 4016
  • Single layer membrane
  • Roll size 1m x 100m
  • Made from natural materials
  • Fully recyclable

Installation Tips

Installation guidelines can be found on the product datasheets using the links on this page.

To install the membranes, we recommend using the Novia Double Tape Sealing System.
Our Double Sided Adhesive Tape is used on the laps of the breather membrane, with the Breather Membrane Lap Tape is used to complete the seal, keeping down any excess membrane which may get caught in the wind. 

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