Novia FSPE Class O Insulation Facing

Our Class O fire rated insulation facing membrane

Product Overview

Novia FSPE is used as a facing on certain insulation products. For enhanced ╬╝-values within roof and wall constructions, the reflective face of the membrane must be facing a cavity of at least 20mm.

This product cannot be used as a vapour control layer as it is not CE Approved, and therefore falls outside of the Construction Products Regulation for this application. 

This product is subject to minimum order quantities. Please contact us via email to or on 01622 678952. 

Key Features

  • High reflectivity / low emissivity surface
  • Used as an insulation facing material
  • Roll size 1.2m x 250m
  • Lightweight, economical yet high performing

Installation Tips

Installation of Novia FSPE is down to the end user and their application. Please ensure you are confident of using and installing the product.

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