Novia VC200 Reflective AVCL

Our 98% reflective AVCL, which can achieve an additional r value of up to 0.74m²K/W* when correctly installed

Product Overview

Novia® VC200 Reflective is a high performance, reflective Air & Vapour Control Layer (AVCL). The material meets BS EN 13984 and is UKCA approved. Novia® VC200 has excellent moisture vapour resistance and is suitable for use in insulated wall, floor or roof applications where high moisture vapour resistance is required. Novia® VC200 also has a reflectivity of 98%, which will significantly improve both U and r values. When correctly installed, it is possible to achieve an additional r value of up to 0.74m²K/W*. Due to the use of high performance materials, Novia® VC200 will provide a low moisture vapour permeability solution. Novia® VC200 complies to EN 13501-1 Fire Classification Class E. Novia® VC200 is available in two roll sizes, 1.5m x 50m or 2.7m x 100m. The product is reflective on one side, white on the reverse, with no text or images.

*The r value achieved by the low emissivity cavity depends on horizontal and vertical heat flows. Novia VC200 Reflective is the latest addition to the Novia vapour control membrane range. Using enhanced technology, Novia has created a highly reflective vapour control layer suitable for use in insulated wall, roof and floor applications. 

Novia® VC200 meets the requirements for UKCA marking, originally introduced under the 2013 Construction Products Regulations with CE marking. Under this European directive, all products covered by a current hEN (harmonised European Norm) must comply with the new standard. Third party accreditation is no longer sufficient. This has been adapted to UKCA following the UK departure from the EU.

To significantly improve U and r values, we also offer Novia Reflex, a reflective breather membrane which is EN 13859-1 (roofs) and EN 13859-2 (walls) compliant. These are currently available in 1.5m x 50m roll sizes. See datasheets for more product specific information. 

Novia® VC200 can be found on NBS Chorus and NBS Source software packages. Full information can be found for NBS specification with the table below. The links will open a pop up window with full specification information.

Full installation and technical details can be found on the datasheets available for download below. 

Key Features

  • Roll sizes 1.5m x 50m & 2.7m x 100m
  • UKCA Approved to BS EN 13984
  • Low moisture permeability
  • 98% reflectivity which will significantly improve both U and r values. When correctly installed, it is possible to achieve an additional r value of up to 0.74m²K/W*.
  • Improves the insulation performance
  • Class E Fire Classification to EN 13501-1
  • Use in conjunction with a reflective Novia breather membrane

Installation Tips

Installation guidelines can be found on individual product datasheets using the links on this page. Novia AVCLs will only perform correctly if properly installed. It is therefore essential to use Novia AVCL tapes, as part of a two-tape sealing system.

For VC200 Reflective we recommend the use of Novia 30mm wide Double Sided Butyl Tape and Novia 96mm wide BS 476 Cold Weather Foil Lap Tape for all airtight Novia VC200 installations. In addition, Novia Airseal 310 AVCL sealant can be used in all applications where additional sealing is required, for example internal corners, floor sections or window reveals. Installation guidelines can be found on the product datasheets using the links to the left.

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