Novia VC4000 FR Reflective Air Leakage and Vapour Control Layer

Our Class B fire rated reflective air and vapour control layer

Product Overview

Novia VC4000 FR Reflective is a revolutionary flame resistant and reflective airtight vapour control membrane. It is designed for use as a high performance vapour control layer and air leakage barrier. Suitable for use in any insulated wall or roof application where high moisture vapour resistance is required. 

Novia VC4000 FR Reflective is suitable for applications requiring EN 13501-1 fire approval*, such as those over 18m in height. 

Novia VC4000 FR Reflective will also deliver a very low moisture vapour permeability solution due to the use of the high performance materials. To provide an air tight seal Novia VC4000 FR Reflective must be installed in conjunction with suitable Novia tapes. 

*Valid for substrates with fire class A2-s1,d0 or A1 such as 12mm plasterboard, with no cavity between product and substrate. Product tested to EN 13501-1

Key Features

Installation Tips

We recommend the use of Novia 30mm wide Double Sided Butyl tape and Novia 96mm wide BS 476 Cold Weather Foil Lap tape for all airtight Novia VC4000 FR Reflective installations.  

Please note that Novia Double Sided Butyl tape is not fire rated, but sealants are excluded under Fire Safety Approved Document B, pagg 77 in relation to Requirement B4, regulation 7, part 3. 

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